The saviour of bad times : RSS

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India is passing through its historic nationwide shutdown in its known History post coronavirus pandemic. When almost all life is on halt except law enforcing agencies, medical services,grocery-vegetable -Milk shop everything is completely lockdown.
The biggest measure to curtail this pandemic is social distancing and lockdown is the best tool to effective it. People in the country are stuck where they were and will be so for the next coming weeks.
Most affected are the migrant daily wagers who lost their jobs hence difficult to make the end meet, Local governments have taken measures to mitigate the crisis but a large number of people who don’t have Ration cards cant get the government subsidized food grain or help.
In these times one organisation has timely evaluated the situation and prepared to tackle the crisis in its old style that is work discreetly without any noise.
Yes, I am talking about RSS, the largest volunteers organisation of the world known for its disaster management and social activities and always first to deliver its help to the needy.
RSS has already started a nationwide food kit delivery system to the migrant wagers, people who do not have ration cards and homeless people. One such kit consists of 10 Kg wheat Atta,% Kg Rice,1 Kg Daal,1 ltr cooking oil to each household of 4 people enough for 10 days.
This movement is run with funds collected from Swayamsewaks, donors. In surat city alone RSS has surveyed and found 60000 households without ration card and still counting.
RSS Swayamsewaks (Volunteers) are going out, doing survey work, distributing food kits , risking their life in such hostile situation too.
They wish to feed every single individual without asking his caste,religion and target is no one leaves its station so that the pandemic doesn’t spread further in the country.

RSS has always done more than what one can expect from any organisation that is why it is revered and respected and spread over to 30 countries today.

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