The saviour of bad times : RSS

India is passing through its historic nationwide shutdown in its known History post coronavirus pandemic. When almost all life is on halt except law enforcing agencies, medical services,grocery-vegetable -Milk shop everything is completely lockdown.
The biggest measure to curtail this pandemic is social distancing and lockdown is the best tool to effective it. People in the country are stuck where they were and will be so for the next coming weeks.
Most affected are the migrant daily wagers who lost their jobs hence difficult to make the end meet, Local governments have taken measures to mitigate the crisis but a large number of people who don’t have Ration cards cant get the government subsidized food grain or help.
In these times one organisation has timely evaluated the situation and prepared to tackle the crisis in its old style that is work discreetly without any noise.
Yes, I am talking about RSS, the largest volunteers organisation of the world known for its disaster management and social activities and always first to deliver its help to the needy.
RSS has already started a nationwide food kit delivery system to the migrant wagers, people who do not have ration cards and homeless people. One such kit consists of 10 Kg wheat Atta,% Kg Rice,1 Kg Daal,1 ltr cooking oil to each household of 4 people enough for 10 days.
This movement is run with funds collected from Swayamsewaks, donors. In surat city alone RSS has surveyed and found 60000 households without ration card and still counting.
RSS Swayamsewaks (Volunteers) are going out, doing survey work, distributing food kits , risking their life in such hostile situation too.
They wish to feed every single individual without asking his caste,religion and target is no one leaves its station so that the pandemic doesn’t spread further in the country.

RSS has always done more than what one can expect from any organisation that is why it is revered and respected and spread over to 30 countries today.

What 21 days Lockdown might result for India

The current 21-day lockdown period is progressing well for India as the number of cases is not rising that sharp, still its too early to say what the future course would be.
The last international flight laded in Indian ports was 23rd March 2020, if we take 25th March as a benchmark and count 15 days incubation pitied for the coronavirus, it will be 10th of April 2020. If we take it further than a man gets affected on 1oth April would have a further period of 15 days to incubate the virus and show the symptoms is 25th of April 2020.
So by 25-30 April 2020, each affected person would either in a hospital or quarantine centre and the rest of the public will be out of the reach of coronavirus.
So the decision to lock down the entire country is well thought and well researched and we should be ready to be in lockdown for up to end of April month.
Though the government is doing well but need to focus on capacity buildup and increase good facilities, testing kits, ventilators and ICUs in the country to coup the situation.
Please stay put, stay safe and pray for the well being of each creature on this beautiful planet.

Social distancing , Ancient Indian Practice of Hygiene

What is social distancing in ancient Indian living pattern often called Vedic culture or Hindu way of life?
When I was a kid and use to live in a remote tiny hill village of Uttrakhand my Dadi(granny) used to keep us away while anyone in the family was on menstruation (sanitary pads were not known to this part of the world that time) and the women under quarantine for 5 days.
while a child is born in the family the mother-child duo was kept in 11-day quarantine.
While someone dies 13 days quarantine for the entire family from the rest of the village.
it was to protect small kids and other family members safe from any kind of infection to spread out of low hygiene.

Gau-Mutra (Cow Urine) was the antibacterial agent to be spread 4-5 times a day in and around the house and the lady in menstruation and rest of the family members were to sip 2-3 spoon of the Gau-mutra every day until the Shutak (quarantine period) was over.
On death all those took part in the funeral were compulsorily have to take bath in the flowing river and on return they were greeted with Gau-mutra to drink, to sanitize spread over the body.

These practices are still in place in the villages but are called a symbol of regressive society now by the elite class, while I remember I have a good immunity all attributed to my upbringing in my childhood.

I still use to sip Gau-mutra, this morning my 13-year-old son also tested it while daughter vomited, but I have strong reasons to believe it that cow urine has good antibiotic property as I have got it tested at a lab.

The lesson here is our ancestors have developed better technics to keep ourselves safe and protect the environment at the same time, time to return to those values has come?

Protect Yourself From Corona with ancient Indian Ayurveda

Dear all here is a Indian recipe made out of daily used ingredients from your kitchen, which can improve your immunity to fight against the deadly virus corona.

All the ingredients are Ayurvedic,Organic and without any side effects.



Item                                                   Form                              Quantity

Turmeric                                                       Powder                                 150 gms.

Saunth (Dried Ginger)                              Powder                                50 gms.

Black Pepper                                               Grains                                    30 gms.

Amla (Gooseberry)                       freshly dried Powder                  25 gms.

Ajwain (Carom)                                          Seed                                       20 gms.

Heeng (Aesafoetida)                                Powder                                 10 gms.

Black Rock Salt                                           Powder                                 15 gms.

Cloves                                                            Buds                                       20 pieces

Tulsi (Basil)                                                  fresh Leaves                        20 per spoon


Grind all ingredients except Tulsi to smooth fine powder. Take one Tea Spoon powder daily mixed with freshly finely crushed Tulsi leaves without water. 

Chemical properties of Each Ingredient

Item                                                   Chemical Properties            

Turmeric                   –           Curcuminoids found in turmeric are phenolic
                                                compounds which carry the
                                              antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.                        

Saunth (Dried Ginger) – antioxidant components containing polyphenols,
                                                   vitamin C, β carotene, flavonoids and tannins.

Black Pepper          –                      oils such as piperine, an   amine alkaloid, which    
                                               gives strong spicy pungent character. They also  
                                              carry numerous monoterpenes hydrocarbons                                                                                          as sabinene, pinene, terpenene, limonene,
                                              mercene, etc., which altogether gives aromatic
                                              property to the pepper.  Minerals like potassium,
                                               calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, and magnesium.                       

Amla (Gooseberry)  –                   Vitamin C, antioxidant, several active tannoid
                                                           principles  (Emblicannin  A,  Emblicannin  B, 
                                                          Punigluconin and Pedunculagin)

Ajwain (Carom)                  –           Contains thymol which is a strong germicide,
                        anti-spasmodic, strong anti-bacterial and  

Heeng (Aesafoetida)         –          oleo-gum-resin obtained from the stems
           of Ferula plants belonging to the
           family Umbelliferae.                                            

Black Rock Salt                   –           Sodium chloride, sulphur compounds of sodium
            iron, magnesium and hydrogen.                                 

Cloves                                    –            Phenylpropanoids such as carvacrol, thymol,
                                                          eugenol and cinnamaldehyde                                      

Tulsi (Basil)                          –           Ccineole, linalool, methyl chavicol, neral, nerol,
                                                            geraniol, geranial, methyl cinnamate, β-
                                                            bourbonene, methyl eugenol, α-trans-
                                                            bergamotene, germacrene-D, epi-α-cadinol,
                                                        and δ-cadinene.                             


Remedy can increase absorption of selenium, B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene, as well as other nutrients from the food. Contains Anti-inflammatory, carminative, anti-flatulent, expectorant, purgative,  spasmolytic,  antibacterial,  hypoglycemic heaptoprotective, hypolipidemic, Antacid, Antioxidant, Anti flatulent, adaptogenic, antifungal and antiviral   properties.

India Responds to Coronavirus

when the world has turned a battlefield against deadly coronavirus, India has found conventional methods to weaken the virus. PM Modi’s appeal to citizens to stay inside for continuous 14 hrs has received a huge response, people responded well, they thanked the unsung public workers, Medical staff, policemen, milkmen and many others associated with emergency and essential services staff for risking their lives to save them.
The state governments have also responded well according to the need, many states have imposed a curfew, many have announced lockdown,the purpose is to break the chain to stop the virus multiplying. Hence despite huge population and thick density, it could count only 600+ positive cases for far.
People from all walks of life except radical Muslim groups who believe they are formidable and bowing to Allah will save them from any virus be its corona. the fringe groups are still living in 6th-century desert mentality, last night one FIR has been filed in a police station in Gujarat against a Maulvi for misleading people and provoking to keep the masjids open despite government ban announced on gathering more than 4 people at a place.
these people are risking public life by exposing them to the virus and making them vulnerable to the disease.
The government has reacted timely, put a travel ban from China at a very early stage but the incursion of the Italian tourist group through Rajasthan, Delhi and UP have put India in an alarming state. Government has stopped all the visas to foreigners, banned any onward flight from abroad, public lockdown is in place, quarantine centres are established nationwide, testing facilities established with immediate effect and the results are promising.
We can avoid this pandemic by increasing immunity and avoiding public contact, self-quarantine etc, many corona positive patients have been treated and discharged. there is a silver lining on the horizon that we will overcome this catastrophe.
the mass destruction weaponry is history now.

Karma Returns

We are under the threat of worldwide coronavirus outbreak, a serious debate should start about the exploitation of nature. We as a human has crashed all the boundaries set by nature to keep this universe ticking, we have become aggressive to accumulate wealth, encroach the boundary set for other living beings.
time for us as humans has come when we should return to the ancient food practices where one has to take only to survive not to store, there is a famous ved Richa “Tyen tyakten bhunjitha” means take it as of it belongs to the almighty God only.
crave for superiority over other animals have over, we are now eyeing to impose as superhuman to other humans, time is to treat all as equal, another living being as well.
all Indian Jyotish Shastra has mentioned in new Vedic calendars predicting some deadly virus born pandemic in one year advance. India has all that need to live along with all other creatures with peace and harmony, the world will have to follow it if we want this planet to be functional for our future generations.
if humans have to survive we will have to respect every species out of 8.4 million living beings mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures.

Decoding The Scindia Factor

Madhya Pradesh government and its stability is in question, it all started after the old horse young Scindia former Royal of Gwalior resigning with his fraction of MLAs from the party and his joining the Narendra Modi led Central government will bring in regime change in Bhopal is now predictable.

The long and short term outcomes of this incident are much grave than the congress leadership might have thought, as the Modi led BJP government in the center looks formidable even for its third term, many of the congress leaders are desperate for power as they see total dark future with the party hence many more incidents will follow this.

Fall of MP government is a big loss for congress as it could have strengthened its roots via MP, now they will have to sit in the opposition and this time Mama Shivraj will not let them sneak in as strong sentiment could be seen post he losing the election.

For BJP its a successful experiment and can be replicated in Maharashtra where the differences are surfacing sooner than we imagined, Uddhav Thakre may ask for support from BJP or may offer to be younger brother in the state as the ideological differences are huge among the Aghadi collision.

In Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot is a close Scindhia add and have given signals of a replication soon after Scindhia resigned, an attempt from both the site is predictable, Pilot has sphere-headed the last assembly election and was sure about getting the CM post but he was betrayed at the last movement over Ashok Gahlot.

For Scindia & Pilot, both have a common history in congress, Madhav Rao and Rajesh Pilot both were killed in suspicious circumstances of accidents while they were at the peak of their political carrier and were seen for the top post in the party. For Jyotiraditya he at least saved his life which otherwise could be in danger as the history of congress says.

some big phenomenon to follow soon

The Deeds Are More Savage: CAA

India, that is Bharat, is going through the most turbulent times where the so-called intellectuals are misrepresenting the otherwise simple information. The sort of narratives being implanted in society through different means of mass media and communication is resulting in violence, hatred, and disharmony among citizens. Yes, I am talking about the recent Citizenship Amendment Act.
This Act was enacted with a thumping majority in both Houses of the Parliament by a government boasting a distinct majority in the largest democracy of the world.

In a democracy, all political parties propagate their agendas in their election manifestos. This essentially contains the matters that a party seeks to address once it is elected. Once voted in by the majority, they are entitled to act upon the agendas in their manifestos and implement them through a democratic process.
CAA and NRC along with the Abolition of Article 370 and construction of Ram Mandir were issues that were promised to be addressed by the now ruling Bhartiya Janta Party which remained untouched till mustering a majority in the Rajya Sabha. This tenure is known for more of popular reforms focused on people’s basic needs like insurance, direct benefit transfer, medical benefits, etc.

While the welfare schemes were highly beneficial to people by large, Hindus felt the necessity of getting rid of the issues acting as bottlenecks in the development of the country. Issues like national integration of Kashmir, Ram Janmabhoomi Case, Uniform Civil Code, etc. have been responsible for the appeasement of the Muslim community and suppression of majority Hindus for decades.

CAA is about giving permanent shelters to 31,000 persecuted and homeless Hindus and Christians of three Muslim neighboring countries where Jihadists have forcefully abducted their women and converted them. As a matter of fact, there are 56 Muslim and 135 Christian countries for Muslims and Christians but not a single one in which these prosecuted Hindus can harbor their ethnicity and feel secure, except India.

Fuelled and funded by Islamic fundamentalists, some anti-social elements are taking advantage of this situation by rioting and destroying public infrastructure under the pretext of a fictitious fear of being expelled from their citizenship.
In the contemporary scenario, the decision of the elected government is being challenged by violent protesters led by leftist ideologies that have been pushed to the sidelines by the nationalist movement, but the Hindu youth is logical and argumentative.

To strengthen its influence again, the Left Front is making students, women and the Muslim community the face of this movement. Many ex-bureaucrats, retired politicians, leftist philosophers, and celebrities of the Indian film industry, largely funded by Islamist Petro-Dollar, are included in this plot. The hour is for the Muslim community to understand that they are an integral part of the country and should see the bigger picture instead of becoming pawns of a separatist ideology.