What 21 days Lockdown might result for India

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The current 21-day lockdown period is progressing well for India as the number of cases is not rising that sharp, still its too early to say what the future course would be.
The last international flight laded in Indian ports was 23rd March 2020, if we take 25th March as a benchmark and count 15 days incubation pitied for the coronavirus, it will be 10th of April 2020. If we take it further than a man gets affected on 1oth April would have a further period of 15 days to incubate the virus and show the symptoms is 25th of April 2020.
So by 25-30 April 2020, each affected person would either in a hospital or quarantine centre and the rest of the public will be out of the reach of coronavirus.
So the decision to lock down the entire country is well thought and well researched and we should be ready to be in lockdown for up to end of April month.
Though the government is doing well but need to focus on capacity buildup and increase good facilities, testing kits, ventilators and ICUs in the country to coup the situation.
Please stay put, stay safe and pray for the well being of each creature on this beautiful planet.

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