Decoding The Scindia Factor

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Madhya Pradesh government and its stability is in question, it all started after the old horse young Scindia former Royal of Gwalior resigning with his fraction of MLAs from the party and his joining the Narendra Modi led Central government will bring in regime change in Bhopal is now predictable.

The long and short term outcomes of this incident are much grave than the congress leadership might have thought, as the Modi led BJP government in the center looks formidable even for its third term, many of the congress leaders are desperate for power as they see total dark future with the party hence many more incidents will follow this.

Fall of MP government is a big loss for congress as it could have strengthened its roots via MP, now they will have to sit in the opposition and this time Mama Shivraj will not let them sneak in as strong sentiment could be seen post he losing the election.

For BJP its a successful experiment and can be replicated in Maharashtra where the differences are surfacing sooner than we imagined, Uddhav Thakre may ask for support from BJP or may offer to be younger brother in the state as the ideological differences are huge among the Aghadi collision.

In Rajasthan Deputy CM Sachin Pilot is a close Scindhia add and have given signals of a replication soon after Scindhia resigned, an attempt from both the site is predictable, Pilot has sphere-headed the last assembly election and was sure about getting the CM post but he was betrayed at the last movement over Ashok Gahlot.

For Scindia & Pilot, both have a common history in congress, Madhav Rao and Rajesh Pilot both were killed in suspicious circumstances of accidents while they were at the peak of their political carrier and were seen for the top post in the party. For Jyotiraditya he at least saved his life which otherwise could be in danger as the history of congress says.

some big phenomenon to follow soon

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