The Deeds Are More Savage: CAA

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India, that is Bharat, is going through the most turbulent times where the so-called intellectuals are misrepresenting the otherwise simple information. The sort of narratives being implanted in society through different means of mass media and communication is resulting in violence, hatred, and disharmony among citizens. Yes, I am talking about the recent Citizenship Amendment Act.
This Act was enacted with a thumping majority in both Houses of the Parliament by a government boasting a distinct majority in the largest democracy of the world.

In a democracy, all political parties propagate their agendas in their election manifestos. This essentially contains the matters that a party seeks to address once it is elected. Once voted in by the majority, they are entitled to act upon the agendas in their manifestos and implement them through a democratic process.
CAA and NRC along with the Abolition of Article 370 and construction of Ram Mandir were issues that were promised to be addressed by the now ruling Bhartiya Janta Party which remained untouched till mustering a majority in the Rajya Sabha. This tenure is known for more of popular reforms focused on people’s basic needs like insurance, direct benefit transfer, medical benefits, etc.

While the welfare schemes were highly beneficial to people by large, Hindus felt the necessity of getting rid of the issues acting as bottlenecks in the development of the country. Issues like national integration of Kashmir, Ram Janmabhoomi Case, Uniform Civil Code, etc. have been responsible for the appeasement of the Muslim community and suppression of majority Hindus for decades.

CAA is about giving permanent shelters to 31,000 persecuted and homeless Hindus and Christians of three Muslim neighboring countries where Jihadists have forcefully abducted their women and converted them. As a matter of fact, there are 56 Muslim and 135 Christian countries for Muslims and Christians but not a single one in which these prosecuted Hindus can harbor their ethnicity and feel secure, except India.

Fuelled and funded by Islamic fundamentalists, some anti-social elements are taking advantage of this situation by rioting and destroying public infrastructure under the pretext of a fictitious fear of being expelled from their citizenship.
In the contemporary scenario, the decision of the elected government is being challenged by violent protesters led by leftist ideologies that have been pushed to the sidelines by the nationalist movement, but the Hindu youth is logical and argumentative.

To strengthen its influence again, the Left Front is making students, women and the Muslim community the face of this movement. Many ex-bureaucrats, retired politicians, leftist philosophers, and celebrities of the Indian film industry, largely funded by Islamist Petro-Dollar, are included in this plot. The hour is for the Muslim community to understand that they are an integral part of the country and should see the bigger picture instead of becoming pawns of a separatist ideology.

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