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Social distancing , Ancient Indian Practice of Hygiene

by Gopal Goswami

What is social distancing in ancient Indian living pattern often called Vedic culture or Hindu way of life?
When I was a kid and use to live in a remote tiny hill village of Uttrakhand my Dadi(granny) used to keep us away while anyone in the family was on menstruation (sanitary pads were not known to this part of the world that time) and the women under quarantine for 5 days.
while a child is born in the family the mother-child duo was kept in 11-day quarantine.
While someone dies 13 days quarantine for the entire family from the rest of the village.
it was to protect small kids and other family members safe from any kind of infection to spread out of low hygiene.

We were made to wash our feet, face and hands before prayer ,food ,snacks or breakfast everyday, that was the level of hygiene being maintained in a remote village and the instruction were inherited and passed on by the so called illiterate and regressive dadi/dada/nana/nani quote un quote.

Gau-Mutra (Cow Urine) was the antibacterial agent to be spread 4-5 times a day in and around the house and the lady in menstruation and rest of the family members were to sip 2-3 spoon of the Gau-mutra every day until the Shutak (quarantine period) was over.
On death all those took part in the funeral were compulsorily have to take bath in the flowing river and on return they were greeted with Gau-mutra to drink, to sanitize spread over the body.

The cow urine must be of Indian origin Cow, be fed on grass & should be going for grazing out there only will work.

The cow dung was used to wipe the floor and walls of the house very often and it kept the entire house germ free.

We were allowed to play in fields with mud kept increasing our immunity with outside environment.

Tulsi(indica), Zinger,Haldi(Termeric), Kali mirch(Black pepper), Honey ,Cow milk was part of our daily diet that has worked magically on that entire generation, that’s why we are the least affected from the recent pandemic called Coronavirus.

These practices are still in place in the villages but are called a symbol of regressive society now by the elite class, while I remember I have a good immunity all attributed to my upbringing in my childhood.

I still use to sip Gau-mutra, this morning my 13-year-old son also tested it while daughter vomited, but I have strong reasons to believe it that cow urine has good antibiotic property as I have got it tested at a lab.

The lesson here is our ancestors have developed better Technics to keep ourselves safe and protect the environment at the same time, time to return to those values has come?

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Social distancing , Ancient Indian Practice of Hygiene – The Argumentative Hindu March 27, 2020 - 7:14 am

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rohit April 7, 2020 - 7:05 am

excellent sir. Keep on enlightening with such replies and knowledge which in India is nowadays is getting lost due to modernization and love for the western values.

HR Raghavan April 7, 2020 - 12:50 pm

Great! Gau Mutra is scientifically proven to act as a catalyst for Chemotherapy in Cancer patients.

Ravindra N April 17, 2020 - 5:40 am

…..on the same page.
Please keep posting such messages
My watsapp number is 9060045100.


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