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India Responds to Coronavirus

by Gopal Goswami

when the world has turned a battlefield against deadly coronavirus, India has found conventional methods to weaken the virus. PM Modi’s appeal to citizens to stay inside for continuous 14 hrs has received a huge response, people responded well, they thanked the unsung public workers, Medical staff, policemen, milkmen and many others associated with emergency and essential services staff for risking their lives to save them.
The state governments have also responded well according to the need, many states have imposed a curfew, many have announced lockdown,the purpose is to break the chain to stop the virus multiplying. Hence despite huge population and thick density, it could count only 600+ positive cases for far.
People from all walks of life except radical Muslim groups who believe they are formidable and bowing to Allah will save them from any virus be its corona. the fringe groups are still living in 6th-century desert mentality, last night one FIR has been filed in a police station in Gujarat against a Maulvi for misleading people and provoking to keep the masjids open despite government ban announced on gathering more than 4 people at a place.
these people are risking public life by exposing them to the virus and making them vulnerable to the disease.
The government has reacted timely, put a travel ban from China at a very early stage but the incursion of the Italian tourist group through Rajasthan, Delhi and UP have put India in an alarming state. Government has stopped all the visas to foreigners, banned any onward flight from abroad, public lockdown is in place, quarantine centres are established nationwide, testing facilities established with immediate effect and the results are promising.
We can avoid this pandemic by increasing immunity and avoiding public contact, self-quarantine etc, many corona positive patients have been treated and discharged. there is a silver lining on the horizon that we will overcome this catastrophe.
the mass destruction weaponry is history now.

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