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Karma Returns

by Gopal Goswami

We are under the threat of worldwide coronavirus outbreak, a serious debate should start about the exploitation of nature. We as a human has crashed all the boundaries set by nature to keep this universe ticking, we have become aggressive to accumulate wealth, encroach the boundary set for other living beings.
time for us as humans has come when we should return to the ancient food practices where one has to take only to survive not to store, there is a famous ved Richa “Tyen tyakten bhunjitha” means take it as of it belongs to the almighty God only.
crave for superiority over other animals have over, we are now eyeing to impose as superhuman to other humans, time is to treat all as equal, another living being as well.
all Indian Jyotish Shastra has mentioned in new Vedic calendars predicting some deadly virus born pandemic in one year advance. India has all that need to live along with all other creatures with peace and harmony, the world will have to follow it if we want this planet to be functional for our future generations.
if humans have to survive we will have to respect every species out of 8.4 million living beings mentioned in ancient Indian scriptures.

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